Why every man should own a bespoke leather jacket

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Leather jackets look good on any man, especially a bespoke leather jacket, made to fit you and designed to suit your personal style. It will keep you warm enough for an evening in the autumn, but it will also keep you (figuratively speaking) chilly enough inside that you won’t want to take it off. A leather jacket is an essential component of any iconic wardrobe, and it doesn’t matter what colour you choose, you should always have one.

Why do you need a leather jacket in your wardrobe 

Every man should seriously consider making an investment in a classic, black leather jacket since it will never go out of style and is always an uncomplicated way to look stylish. Despite the fact that they may be a bit more costly than your typical jacket, taking the time to select a trendy men’s leather jacket that meets your own personal style preferences should be seen as an investment that will most last for many years. 

As one of the most versatile, staple wardrobe pieces in a man’s wardrobe, most leather jackets can be worn with a whole host of different outfits and we personally love the flexibility it offers here at Alexandra Wood. 

What leather jacket will you choose? 

Leather jackets are available in a staggering variety of shapes, styles, and colours to suit your every desire. Whichever sort of leather jacket you’re looking for – whether it a biker jacket or a leather bomber jacket – in the end, the choice boils down to your own taste. The adaptability of a bespoke leather jacket will make it possible for you to wear it to a variety of different events while still pulling off the style you want to aim for. Therefore, whether you are looking for a leather jacket that is more ideal for casual use or a jacket with more structure to take you through evenings out and more elegant occasions, we have you covered here at Alexandra Wood. 

There are a variety of styles that have been popular over the course of the last few years that are considered to be the best way to style a leather jacket. However, keeping things monochromatic is considered to be the most traditional and sure-fire way to style a black leather jacket.

You can get that timeless, off-duty look by simply wearing your leather jacket with a pair of jeans and a contrasting white t-shirt. This combination is both effortlessly fashionable and flexible. Leather jackets give a significant amount of possibility for dressing in a smart-casual manner. Whether you want to wear them with a pair of loose cut trousers or add some colour to your ensemble by layering a plaid shirt, the style options are almost limitless and we’re known to guide our clients to making the perfect choice so that they’ll love their new designs forever. 

How to style your bespoke leather jacket 

Knowing how to pursue your style by choosing the right leather jacket can be daunting. This is where Alexandra Wood comes in, we can assist you in creating you a look that is tailored to your requirements in the most enjoyable way. Whether you are searching for more of a fitted jacket design or you like the traditional, easy going aviator appearance, we want to make sure that you get a design that is ideal for you and your own sense of style and if you’ve got none- that’s cool too. 

  • Create an off duty outfit by wearing your leather jacket with some jeans, a basic white t-shirt and a pair of white trainers. If you want to add depth to your outfit’s aesthetic, consider wearing a checked shirt as an additional layer that contrasts with the others. 
  • Combining your leather jacket with a smart, formal shirt, straight-leg jeans, and a pair of subtle-toned Chelsea boots is a simple way to add sophistication to your ensemble and carry it from day to night. This style is perfect for a more formal off duty look.  

It is important to keep in mind that leather jackets are adaptable and can be worn to practically any event. Because of this, you should not be afraid to experiment with different colours and layers in order to discover the look that caters to your own tastes the most. At Alexandra Wood, we are able to assist you in working through this and finding what suits you best. 

Why a leather jacket worth the investment 

When the temperature begins to drop, bombers and windbreakers are undeniably wonderful options to have in one’s wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket if you’re going for a style that’s both attractive and sturdy; it will give you the edge you need to seem classy. A well-cut leather jacket is hard to top in terms of style and longevity. Whether you want to go all out with a black motorcycle jacket or stay with something a bit more staid, it is difficult to beat a leather jacket that has been cut well. The nicest aspect is that it matures well and just gets better with time. After all, who doesn’t like a leather jacket that has a lovely finish and seems like it’s been used for years? In 10 years’ time, or even twenty years’ time, you will be more than pleased that you made the investment. 

How to maintain your leather jacket? 

The fact that leather jackets are almost impossible to damage is one of the best things about wearing one. However, despite the fact that they can withstand a lot of damage, you should still make sure to maintain them clean. If you do so, they will continue to look fantastic, and the jacket’s longevity will be increased as a result of your efforts. To one’s relief, the procedure of cleaning a leather jacket is one that requires little effort. 

The First Step 

Apply the solution, which should be made up of warm water, a couple of drops of dishwashing soap, or, even better, a leather cleaner designed specifically for the material, to a gentle sponge. The outside of the jacket should be brushed down using gentle, even movements. Scrubbing too vigorously should be avoided.   

Step Two 

Use a wet cloth to remove any soap residue that may have been left behind. The surface of the jacket should next be patted with a dry cloth until it is completely dry. The best way to ensure that the jacket dries completely is to hang it up in a cool place. It is important to keep the newly cleaned leather away from any sources of direct heat, such as a dryer or the sun, since this might damage the material. 

The third step 

To maintain the leather’s suppleness and prevent it from drying up, use a leather conditioner on your jacket around once a year. This will prevent it from breaking while also leaving it pliable and soft to the touch. If you were caught in a downpour and your jacket became drenched to the limit, investing in a leather conditioner is the best course of action to take. 

A quick tip 

You should always take the time to waterproof your jacket before you first use it, and this is true regardless of the kind of leather it is made of, including suede, lambskin, calfskin, or any other sort of leather. The pores in the leather may be sealed with a leather waterproofing spray, which causes water to bead up and roll off the jacket rather than soaking in. In the long run, this will result in a significant lengthening of the time that your jacket is useful to you. 

Alexandra Wood bespoke leather jacket 

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with a personalised bespoke leather jacket that will give you with a great fit, allowing you to experience this winter, and many to come, feeling confident and chic. At Alexandra Wood we design with a female flair, flattering cut paired with exquisite design. 

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