Alexandra Wood vs Traditional Savile Row

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When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Savile Row in London stands as an unshaken icon. As a first time connoisseur you may yearn for the timeless quality of British tailoring, sans the rigidity. Instead, you desire an experience that is delightful, eye opening and comfortably transformative. This is where Alexandra Wood steps in, to offer you guidance, warmth and a contemporary charisma. Here’s how Alexandra Wood distinguishes itself from the quintessential Savile Row tailor:

1. Tradition & Timelessness vs. Modern Magic:

While Savile Row tailors trace their lineage back to the times of dandies and dukes, Alexandra Wood, mixes a contemporary flair with the classic, traditional techniques you’d expect from Savile Row tailoring. You can think of it as comparing a vintage wine to a zesty cocktail – both have their own kick!

2. The Royal Way vs. The Revolutionary Resplendence:

A Savile Row tailor might nod to the royal standards and historical conventions, but Alexandra Wood? They are the audacious artists of the tailoring world, never shying away from pushing boundaries while maintaining utmost quality. You can feel confident that all etiquette is expertly managed, whilst never compromising your own personality.

3. Centuries-Old Craft vs Cutting Edge Chic:

While traditional Savile Row tailors have a set playbook they’ve followed for centuries, Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailors isn’t afraid to throw in some contemporary methods. It’s the beauty of innovation meeting expertise. The outcome? A harmonious blend of British idiosyncrasy and innovative ingenuity.

4. Stiff Upper Lip vs. Sassy & Savvy:

If Savile Row tailors are the reserved gentlemen of the tailoring universe, Alexandra Wood is the vivacious personality, making bespoke tailoring more approachable and fun for the modern man. AW clients rock the world in their social and work environments but are discreet in doing so. Always respectful, always tasteful yet all have a quirky humour that we love. This is an investment in you just as much as it is with your tailoring. 

5. Classic Canvas vs. Colourful Creativity:

A walk down Savile Row might show you a palette dominated by dark navies, and greys. In contrast, Alexandra Wood is never afraid to play with patterns, colours, and styles, ensuring you stand out in the most sophisticated way. Note: This doesn’t mean an explosion in a paint factory, nor an introduction to Michael Portillo’s jaunty wardrobe. This is subtlety designed in a way that’s impactful, comfortable and which oozes style and class. 

In Summary:

Both Alexandra Wood and iconic Savile Row tailors sculpt masterpieces. Yet, their methodologies contrast, much like vintage and vogue. Whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or a modern maverick, discerning these nuances ensures you don a suit that resonates with your spirit.

Curious about the exquisite blend of age-old artistry and modern magic? Experience the allure of Alexandra Wood’s craftsmanship juxtaposed against Savile Row’s enduring elegance. Book your friendly, relaxed call to discover more about how we work. 

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