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At Alexandra Wood, we’ve refreshed the old, stuffy traditions of Savile Row, to pave the way for a more inviting and transformative way to look more incredible and credible. Please contact us to check current availability.

Savile Row

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About Savile Row

Savile Row is the heart of traditional bespoke tailoring, with a history dating from the 19th century, the world-renowned location is home to the finest tailors. You can book an appointment to see us in Savile Row and experience the luxury of the tailoring world.

When you first visit Savile Row, the formality of the area can be daunting, but at Alexandra Wood, we make it our mission to put you at ease and ensure that your visit is enjoyable. We create classic Savile Row tailoring while providing a fun, modern touch with tailoring that is cut to flatter with a stylish, female eye.

Here you will be personally designed for by Alexandra’s team of style and tailoring experts. Please note we do not hold our range of made to measure and bespoke designs at this location. The design process is completely bespoke. With an eye for subtly, yet impactfully transforming your image, Alexandra understands just what it takes to have you looking a cut above the rest.

Please note that appointments are limited and are only available on weekdays.

Here you will discover:

Made to measure, Bespoke Tailoring and a full range of luxury fabrics.

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