The bespoke Wedding suit buyers guide

When choosing a bespoke wedding suit, Alexandra Woods guide will help you make all of the right decisions.

When you know the answer to these questions, it becomes far easier to decide what style of suit you would like to have created. Alexandra helps you to work through these details.

1- Where you’re getting married.

2- Are you getting married somewhere hot or cold? Summer or Winter?

3- Do you have any specific colours you’ll be using for your special day?

4- What will your groomsmen be wearing?

5- What’s your style? Super fitted or more laid back? Take a look around to seek some inspiration so you’re aware of what you do and don’t like before setting upon having a suit made for you

6- Accessories tend to come last but you may want to think of what colours you’ll want to go for

7- You’ll need to decide if you want a ready to wear or bespoke wedding suit made for your special day. Are you a classic size where you can get away with a few amendments or do you struggle to find anything that fits you?

8- Thinking about what you’d like to spend on yours and your groomsmen suits will be a good start. Set your price range and choose a suit that fits your requirements.

9- Having a bespoke suit made for your wedding day is special and one of the only chances some men get to having something truly unique made and made well, can last you a lifetime (Waistline pending of course)

These questions will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the colour, style and design of your wedding suit and if you wish to buy something ready to wear, AKA ‘off the peg’ or bespoke.

How do I choose a suit for my style of wedding?

The classic wedding suit

Typically navy or grey, you can’t go wrong with this timeless classic. A bespoke tailored suit is an investment, so knowing that you can easily wear it time and time again (with different accessories of course) is always good to know.

What’s more, is that with a plain suit, you can add patterned or plain accessories and not worry about clashing. It’s also fairly easy to match to your groomsmen.

The dinner suit

A sleek choice that gives you the chance to look like Bond for the day. Choose between a classic black design or a midnight blue as introduced by Tom Ford and worn also by Bond. If you’re choosing a blue dinner suit for your wedding, do make sure it’s very dark and as close to black as possible. Dinner suits typically have either a peak or shawl lapel and rarely a classic notch round on classic lounge suits.

Some men switch up their evening wear with a smoking jacket in replacement of their dinner jacket for the evening and can be a nice way to wow.

The three piece suit

This is the most common style of suit, whether a classic style or dinner suit. The idea is that the waistcoat not only works as a corset for men of some sorts but that if you take your jacket off, you still very much look the well dressed groom. Plus, we happen to think it looks rather smart.

You can either choose a matching fabric or contrast to add some personal flair.

The bright and bold wedding suit

Where some men opt for a more classic tailored wedding suit, others like to go all out and choose something that matches their personality. Each year trends change with regards to colours, however, we always feel it best to choose a suit that compliments your skin tone and natural style and of course, your wedding day. We don’t want you standing out like a sore thumb but we do want you wowing on your wedding day.

The tweed wedding suit

A great choice for a more vintage style wedding, so if you’re getting married in a rustic house, barn or restaurant, this style can look really classy. If you’re having a country themed wedding with earthy colours, then this is a great choice.

Tweeds come in a variety of weights, so needn’t be the heavy, shooting wear types.

Beach wedding

If you’re getting married in glorious sunshine (lucky you!) then this can be a little trickier than choosing a classic tailored suit.

A couple of questions to ask is-

Is it a casual wedding on the beach where you don’t need to look super sharp? Will you be getting married in the day or at dusk?

Whichever style; whether a smart shirt with a pair of tailored shorts or a super lightweight suit and T-Shirt combination, we advice choosing a fabric that doesn’t crease or however much money you invest, you’ll look dishevelled. Choose fabrics with a high twist, which means the fabric bounces back easily. Also choose linens with a cotton or silk mix for a shirt or a shirt made from bamboo is also an ideal choice for a laid back, romantic beach wedding look.

The Morning suit

A classic choice mainly worn at formal weddings in churches and cathedrals. Rarely are they worn to casual weddings such as barns or boutique hotels.

The classic style choice is the black herringbone tails (jacket) with Prince Edward striped trousers. There isn’t much scope for change here unless you switch away from a classic look and choose a completely different style entirely.

As the tails of the jacket move around (particularly if you end up getting married on a very windy day) you’ll want to choose a fabric with some weight. A traditional morning suit weighs around 14oz which in this day is seen as rather heavy.

This was a style that was worn mounted on a horse, so needed a tough fabric to weather the friction. As you won’t be riding in on a horse, unless you’re having a super extravagant wedding, then it’s likely you’ll want to choose a mid weight fabric that keeps its shape but doesn’t make you melt due to the heat.

Checked suit

However, it’s wise to choose a subtle check over a larger one as the camera lens can distort it if they’re at the wrong angle. Consider patterns carefully, as you won’t want to look back at photos and think – What was I wearing!?

Mohair suit

A classic from the 60s and a suit your dad likely has hiding up in the loft from his own wedding.

Mohair offers a really great material as it never creases and is highly durable. With its crisp appearance its an interesting suit to wear.

If you want a body hugging suit then mohair isn’t the way to go but if you want a suit that looks sharp, crisp and clean all day long and want a suit with a little edge, then this is the one for you.

Double breasted suit

A Double breasted suit isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a style statement that needs some consideration. We personally feel it lends itself better to some colour; whether subtle or more punchy- the choice is yours.

Double breasted can be slimming due to its cut, but the style must be right. Another thing to consider is that you will have to have it either on or off, there’s no in between with this jacket; if you leave it open it looks a mess and flaps about.

What should your Groomsmen wear?

You’ve decided upon your suit, now you’ve got a team of groomsmen to consider dressing too. A few questions to ask yourself is- will you be buying their wedding suits for them? Will they be wearing their own? Will you hire their suits? Will you have less groomsmen and also have their suits made to measure?

After you’ve asked yourself those questions, you’ll want to think about whether you want them to contrast your suit or to match. In our view, you’re the star of the show and should choose a suit that contrasts yours but that is matching. For example if you’re in a bright blue, you may want them to wear a shade or two different than your suit to make a ‘suitable’ impact. (Pardon the pun).

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What to wear as a wedding guest?

We’re constantly asked a wide variety of wedding suit style questions and we know you don’t want to turn up at your friends wedding with everyone turning around looking at you for all of the wrong reasons.

Unless it’s been specified on your invitation, that you’ve been invited to a black tie wedding and therefore must wear a black tux/dinner suit/DJ as it can be also known, then we’d advise to steer clear of wearing black. It can look more fitting for a funeral and not the happy colour that fits with a wedding well.

Hints of the couples colour scheme is usually on their invitation, so is a good place to start when choosing what to wear.

You’ll also want to check where they’re getting married. Will it be a casual affair, in which case, a classic plain suit will be ideal with accessories of your choice.

If a more formal affair, as mentioned above, it’ll always be stated on your invite.

If you know the couple well, you’ll know their personalities and what they would welcome you to wear and what they wouldn’t, so this is also a good starting point.

Either way, wear what you feel comfortable in and have fun.

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