Alexandra Wood has landed multiple press mentions in publications such as GQ, Esquire, CEO Magazine, The Sunday Times and Square Mile Magazine to name a few for her fresh, modern take on Savile Row and menswear overall. 

Not only is she one of Savile Row’s first female business owners, she has a passion for making the luxury menswear world less intimidating, more approachable and much more enjoyable.

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“The etipaths to dressing up may prove premature, for there is transformative power in “your best”. The clothes I own from Alexandra Wood of Savile Row feel like a uniform designed to let me live my life.” GQ, Tony Parsons



“After 10 years working in fashion retail as a tailoring manager (Age 21) she began building up her own bespoke services on the side, before taking on the business full time. She now offers a ready to wear collection alongside her bespoke services and has had her pieces worn by politicians, film directors and actors, as well as being named as “Tailor of the 21st Century” by GQ Columnist Tony Parsons. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience, Alexandra has plenty of wisdom to share on the art of navigating a male-dominated environment and finding success on her own terms.” Forbes, Bianca Barratt

Red Carpet

Rupert Goold

Alexandra dressed Director Rupert Goold for his BAFTA red carpet moment with Renee Zellwegger in 2019.



“He was easily the best dressed man in the room (once dubbed GQ man by The Guardian) Even with his plate loaded with food from the buffet, Umunna was looking good. Partly it’s the way he carries himself - calm, relaxed, supremely confident but also it is those bespoke suits he wears from Alexandra Wood on Savile Row... They have an understated elegance, a quiet beauty and cool modernity that feels no need to raise its voice. And although Umunna’s suit’s are made by one of the new generation of young female tailors on Savile Row, they bring with them almost two centuries of tradition.” 
GQ, Tony Parsons


Esquire Magazine

In 2020, Alexandra Wood was named as one of Savile Row’s best tailors in 2020 by Esquire Magazine.


CEO Magazine

Alexandra was asked by CEO magazine to outline the most important elements to a tailored suit.

CEO Magazine, Chrissie McClatchie


The Resident Magazine

Alexandra launched a collaboration collection with renowned blogger The Grey Fox which featured in The Resident Magazine, Mayfair.

The Resident Magazine, Bethan Andrews


The Luxury Chapter

Alexandra was asked to offer her expertise to The Luxury Chapter magazine on how men can successfully transition their style from Autumn to Spring.

The Luxury Chapter Magazine


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