A made to measure shirt is a staple item in any man’s wardrobe, but how well it fits is another matter entirely. There’s no doubt about it, a quality shirt can really make the difference.

It’s ideal to have a selection of made to measure shirts that can be worn for all occasions. From smart to casual, we’ve got all the fabrics and design knowledge you could ever need to create your own, desirable wardrobe of high quality shirts.



We have a choice of over 500 fabrics to choose from and help guide you to choosing those that will work with your lifestyle perfectly from a classic Oxford cotton to one of the softest, most finest fabrics available ‘supima cotton’. Each season we introduce a selection of limited edition fabrics that once sold out won’t return. This ensures we keep you looking as unique as you deserve to be.

We tailor made-to-measure shirts unique to you, your style and physique; fitting you to perfection.

From a slim to classic cut for those who prefer a little more comfort, we cut every shirt according to fit preference and will consult closely with you over collar styles and design.


We offer a range of classic business shirts to a more casual offering, using unusual and unique fabrics to set you apart.

We have a choice of over 200 designs to choose from to ensure you have the perfect shirt for you.


We finish off each and every shirt using hand edged stitching, natural buttons and a high level of attention you’d expect from a luxury shirt. Should you like your own, personalised initials placed on the cuff or on the bottom of your tailored shirt discreetly placed; you’ve got it! 


• Our made to measure shirts start from £160 - £290 this is based on the quality of fabric chosen

• We have a minimum order of five unless ordered with a suit, in which case the minimum order is one.

• Appointments are available in both Savile Row and Bishops Stortford. 


• Simply schedule your appointment with us where we will run through our fabric ranges according to your needs and design and style choices.

• Your measurements will be taken to create your perfect fit and 4-5 weeks later your made to measure shirts will be ready for you.

• When you come back for your first fitting, we ensure everything fits you perfectly and should any alterations need to be made, we do these within the price of your shirt and they can be collected or delivered to you a week later.

To schedule a call with us or to book an appointment please use the form below.