Is a made to measure suit worth it?

First thing’s first: investing in a made-to measure suit will reward you tenfold. There are, though, several factors to consider when deciding whether to pay that bit extra for a made-to-measure suit. 

When done correctly, your new suit will become your trusted wardrobe friend, making you look more confident, stylish, and professional.

By its very nature, a made-to-measure suit is a vehicle for subtly communicating your personal style to the world. With a perfect fit and details customised to your preferences, you have far more control of your look than if you chose a ready-to-wear suit.

How long will my first consultation take?

I like to spend an hour getting to know you and your requirements. This is where I take crucial notes and create your personalised style, by choosing the best fabric, cut, colour and texture to make you look incredible. Your consultation is then completed with your measurements taken.

How long does a made to measure suit take to make?

Depending on the options chosen and fittings required, your made-to-measure suit will be ready for your first fitting with us between 6-8 weeks inclusive of any alterations needed.

(For made to measure wedding suits, we like to start 3 months prior to your wedding date).

How many fittings will I need?

You will usually be required to visit for two to three fittings for a made-to-measure suit, and these take between 20-30 minutes each time.

How much does a made to measure suit cost?

My two piece made to measure suits start from £1,200 and three piece suits start from £1,500 where you will have a range of over 100 luxury fabrics to choose from. My prices rise accordingly with the quality of the fabric you choose.

Why choose me?

  • Named as one of Savile Rows best tailors 2020 by Esquire Magazine. 
  • Named as “Tailor of the 21st Century” By GQ Columnist Tony Parsons.
  • Landed Chuka Umunna on GQs top best dressed list twice.
  • I seek massive satisfaction in you looking incredible!