Alteration charges
The greatest skill and care are taken with all of our alterations and we have a team of the best tailoring experts available.
(Please note that we only undertake alterations on our own, Alexandra Wood garments and not clothing purchased elsewhere.)


Take side seams in/out £40

Shorten/Lengthen sleeves £40

Slim sleeves £45

Shorten jacket £60

Reduce width shoulders £60



Take waist in/out £25

Let out seat £25

Take length trousers up/down £25

Add turn ups £35

Taper legs £35


 Our made to measure and bespoke suits come with a one month guarantee of complimentary changes to your suit. After one month, the above fees will apply.

(Turnaround times 1-2 weeks. Rapid service of 1-3 days is available at an additional £10 charge per alteration.)