Be Seen The Way You Deserve

“I’m a big believer that how you dress should reveal you as your finest self - a moment of confidence, clarity and effortless style. Plus- A hotter you that you didn't know even existed!” (Alexandra Wood)

Renowned for doing tailoring differently, Alexandra Wood is at once designer, tailor and stylist. Rather than merely replicating what a customer thinks they want, she expertly steers them towards braver, sharper and more subtle colourful sartorial choices that turn heads for all the right reasons and may comes as no surprise that she is on a number of her clients style speed dial.

“She correctly guided me towards more colour, and I’ve been complimented on my new found style a number of times.”

Guy Sanderson, Head teacher, Eltham College

One of Savile Row’s first female tailors exclusively designing for men, Alexandra Wood has been described as a ‘tailor of the 21st century” by GQ and named one of the best Savile Row tailors of 2020 by Esquire. The editor of The New Statesman said: "She has a great eye as well as technical expertise as a tailor. We have developed a good rapport and I trust her judgement, which is essential. She won’t bullshit me – and I appreciate that!"

Having dressed hundreds of high-profile men, helping to transform their image, and confidence, for Alexandra it is the moment of seeing customers rediscover their own style and a newfound sense of themselves that excites her the most. 

“Every business decision I make is centred around what is best for my customer. What will make them look 'hotter ' in a way that is classy, professional and elegant.”

Alexandra’s relationship with her clients is at the heart of her business. She believes that looking amazing cannot be underestimated. It changes, the way you think, enhances your confidence, attractiveness and offers you the ability to create your own unique stamp on the world.

Individual Style

But to get to this point, you have to work with someone you not only trust, but who can truly understand what is right for you.

For many men, working with Alexandra may be the first time they’ve stepped into a tailor’s studio. They might think they know what they want, but they may not be sure how to communicate that, or even what that looks like in reality.

Putting them at ease is so important. Connection, openness and warmth come first, while Alexandra is then able to instinctively translate their thoughts and ideas into suits that enhance, flatter and impress.  

From the person in front of her, to a series of simple sketches and the final finished pieces, Alexandra’s design process is an effortless approach to modern tailoring that is centred entirely around the client, and her inimitable ability to expand their vision and sense of style.

And - while she works closely with clients to understand what they want - that doesn’t always mean she’ll create it. And this is where she is a tailor apart from the rest. Her passion is in making you look your absolute best - and that sometimes means opening you up to new ideas.

“I can see someone in front of me and an instant visual image and style pops into my mind. I can see how incredible they could look with the right colours, cut, fit, style and design. It’s inexplicable to the person, yet when they trust me and see this vision materialise, that’s when they start to understand how I think, and become excited by it.” 

Unique Vision

Alexandra has built the foundation of her business in being able to advise and guide men to make bolder choices and truly understand what suits them. Men come to her for her expert advice and effortlessly stylish vision, and if that means departing from what they’ve traditionally worn, then so be it.

“I won’t always make what you want. I’m not writing you a prescription. I’m designing clothes that you’re investing in and the sole reason for this is so that you look greater than you ever knew possible.”

In this way, the entire experience is truly bespoke. Men don’t feel that anyone else's style is being imposed on them, or that they have to try to fit into someone else's house style. Instead, Alexandra makes sure that the suit is perfectly moulded to her clients, while at the same time offering her invaluable insight and style guidance.

“I can say how great they look but until the first set of compliments head their way, that’s when they understand just how their style has been transformed. Not just how they look, but also, how they feel.”

Classic Modernity

Alexandra Wood Bespoke has been built on the foundation that luxury needs to be more relaxed and fun, heavily contesting the outdated traditions of Savile Row, paving the way for a fresher, more open version of tailoring.

She works with classics, while injecting her own fresh vision, bringing a unique elegance to her clothes, effortlessly adapting to the individual and their lifestyle. Modern fabrics and cutting-edge innovations meet timeless sophistication and beautifully traditional looks, turning this tailoring to every piece she works on.

“I can only speak in superlatives. I wouldn't go to any other tailor - she is (pun intended) absolutely a cut above!" 

Luka Krsljanin, barrister

Alexandra is often described as an illusionist. Effortlessly slender waistlines, a natural eye for innovative colour combinations and textures, combined with a sharp, crisp look, make for a truly ‘sexy’, modern style that is in no way contrived.

“The cut of tailoring has the power to transform, and I see it done incorrectly too often. Loose, shapeless styles do nothing for a man. There’s a fine balance between too slim and too roomy. Even with a great fabric, style, and design, all can be lost with the wrong cut.”  

From a one-off piece to a full, bespoke wardrobe, scoping all areas of your life, and style, Alexandra intuitively creates men an individual collection like no other. Classic casuals and bespoke leather jackets, sit comfortably alongside sleek, sharp business suits and beautiful winter coats.  

Creating a personalised profile, Alexandra helps you see where you should invest to make the most of your wardrobe in a way that will ensure you enjoy wearing all of it, and always know exactly how to style it.

"The minute you slip on any of the beautiful clothes designed and made by Alexandra Wood you know right away what you have been missing. My jackets now fit like a glove, they look stylish and make me feel great wearing them. I never stop being thrilled at the lovely compliments I get.”

(Chris Barnado)

Career Timeline

  • Trained at London College of Fashion
  • Promoted aged 21 to bespoke tailoring manager at Shanghai Tang, Sloane Street for her vision, professionalism and ability to connect with customers
  • As bespoke tailoring manager, Alexandra created tailored, orientally inspired womenswear, sketching designs on the spot, designing for private jet companies, celebrities, and members of royalty
  • In 2002, Alexandra designed a collection of bespoke designs inspired by the Ming Dynasty, which was featured in Hello magazine and completely sold out within a week
  • Alexandra’s passion quickly turned to menswear when her female customers would seek her help in getting their husbands into better style shape
  • She opened her first shop in Bishop’s Stortford in 2017, in a building also known as the oldest tailors in the UK, with a tailoring history of over 400 years
  • Her by-appointment only Savile Row showroom opened in 2008
  • In 2018, she developed her online Capsule Collection, comprising several key items men needed in their wardrobes. From smart jeans to light chinos, all are classic pieces with a modern twist and flattering cut
  • In 2021, during the pandemic, Alexandra launched her new fully bespoke wardrobe collection, designing for her customers an entire wardrobe of truly unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else

Fun facts about Alexandra

Alexandra went to Sylvia Young Theatre school every Saturday morning practising dance, singing and drama. A lover of music you can find her with music on wherever she goes. Another fun fact is that she can do a ludicrous number of impersonations including Janet Street Porter!

Alexandra’s Favourite aftershave for men

Aventus by Creed. This sends anyone crazy (in a good way) and you’ll see the heart signs in the eyes for sure. In second place would be Fahrenheit by Dior.

Favourite look on a man.

Effortless, sharp and always confident. Crisp white shirts, slim fitting trousers and cool blazer and a nice pair of brown, tortoise shell sunglasses and of course an incredible suit.