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Your grooms checklist

You’ve just got engaged and now there’s lots to think about. Fear not, we have created you a step by step list so that you know what to do and when.

Your grooms checklist Alexandra Wood

Congratulations! The date is set and you’re getting married. Now for the important part (apart from the vows of course) and that is your suit.

We’ve made organising your day nice and easy for you and have created a checklist to ensure you haven’t missed a thing, leaving your bride to be, highly impressed.

Suitable timing

Think suits. This is the main job you have (besides stag do planning) and you’ll need to think about whether you’ll buy a ready to wear suit or opt for a made to measure, tailored suit to really set you apart.

For ready to wear you will want to start your research around 6 months before your wedding date.

A great start is to ask your fiancé if she has any particular views about what she’d like to see you in and tips on the style of your wedding day that you can consider when buying a suit.

If you’ve decided that you want to invest in a made to measure suit then you’ll want to book your chosen tailor in for an appointment 3 months prior to your wedding day at least (some grooms do order 1 year in advance) so it’s never too early. Where the actual production time is between 6-8 weeks, certain times of the year get very busy and so lead times can be longer.

Your Groomsmen

Will your groomsmen wear their own or buy their own new suit, will you hire or will you buy them the gift of a made to measure suit too?

These are just a few ideas you’ll want to consider when buying your own suit. Some grooms will order their own suit first and then match their groomsmen with something slightly or completely different depending on personal styles.

It’s all in the timing

Timing wise, we would suggest choosing your groomsmen’s suits around the same time as you buy yours, so that you don’t need to make multiple outings.

Sorting your shoes

Once your suit style has been chosen, it’s time to get the shoes right.

There are certain shoe style rules, but in terms of purchasing your shoes, it’s wise to buy these just before having your first, official suit fitting. This is to ensure that the length of your trousers will be spot on for you, rather than guess work.

It’s all in the accessories

Do you have a colour theme or are you opting for a more eclectic look?

Does your fiancé have any preferences on this? It’s best to start these discussions prior to your first suit fitting, so that when you do come in to try your suit, you will have in mind, the accessories you’d like to try on in order to fit the style of both the suit and of your wedding day.

When to cut and when not to cut

Will you go to the same barbers/hairdressers you usually do or try somewhere new?

Tip: It’s best to try them first and not experiment days before your wedding. We tend to advise having your hair cut one week prior to your wedding day, so that it looks more relaxed.

Now you’re armed with an organised to do list, go forth and plan the stag doo of the century!

Our made to measure wedding suits start at £1,100 for a two piece and £1,400 for a three piece.

For your made to measure, wedding suit discovery session or to book a consultation you can contact us here.

Your grooms checklist Alexandra Wood

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