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best shoes for autumn
  1. With a glorious hot summer now just a memory, dark blustery days are upon us as we welcome Autumn’s glorious red, orange and golden hues. It must be time for flannels and tweed!Moving from sock-free loafers and linen, well some of you may roll that way, to a more robust shoe, boot and hosiery selection may seem an easy journey for some…For others less so –‘Suited and booted? Not for me’…

    Well, for me a good loafer can still work in cooler times, I do like a Penny in chocolate suede and a year round fit is accommodated by some smart and tidy winter soles. Regardless, suede is a go-to for me when rain is in the air, just a little protecting spray lets the inclement weather run right off. Moving through the autumnal gears a suede oxford works too offering a little more protection against the elements, think suede brogues, cap-toes…

    Isn’t there something reassuring about a double leather sole? That ‘undercarriage’also works beautifully with a heavier cloth, I’ve a pair of Monk Straps in golf grain that you could wear with anything this time of year as you could with the legendary and inimitable Pembroke. My Crocket and Jones classics will outlive me.

    Nowadays protection spray affords us a ‘spick and span’ arrival at the office so a suede Chukka boot can also tick the right boxes. The range of colours out there can match the leaves on the trees so you ‘pays your money and takes your choice’. I like a snuff suede or a dark brown suede Chukka with a pair of flannel strides. I also have a black suede boot that I particularly like with a heavy dark tweed, so don’t overlook black suede…

    Chelsea boots are another good option and three merit mention amongst the many- Edward Green Camden in Tobacco suede is a fine ankle boot, the RM Williams waxy brown calf provides versatility and the Crockett and Jones Chelsea in Black calf offers classic English sophistication, each covering every eventuality come rain, come shine.

    Whilst still on boots we could go rough and ready right up to dressy with the accompanying cloth calling the tune. Double leather or rubber soled boots work well with a heavy tweed, corduroy or denim and if you wanted to go big time against the elements how about the veldtschoen constructed Snowden? In conclusion worsted flannel with a Galway or highly polished Shannon Balmoral boot can look stunning too, they’ll do the trick.

    Nevertheless, whether kicking leaves around the park or marching with the masses to the office there are many sartorial options. For me, I don’t do overshoes, gaiters or galoshes and I rarely use wellingtons so-

    ‘it’s a yes from me, I’ll be ‘suited and booted!’

    By Nigel Cleaver of @ignoreatyourperil who is also a contributory writer for Crockett & Jones

autumn footwear

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