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Buttons missing, cobwebs need dusting off and too tight. What am I talking about? The dinner suit!

This week has been comical to say the least. Why do Men leave sorting their dinner suit until the last minute?

A customer rushing in because he’s been invited to his Oxford reunion last minute and wasn’t sure if he really wanted to go. He waited patiently as I stitched and pressed his trousers to the correct length. Upon closing I noticed that he had left his shirts on one of my mannequins. I called him but he was half way to Cambridge and would have to buy a new shirt there if he had the time.

Maybe he really didn’t want to go. I’ll have to find out how it all went…

Another customer had booked a dinner suit from somewhere else but it was a disaster, so he came to us to get a new jacket for the occasion.

The moral of the story is this: you guys leave it to the last minute and even though I love the comedy that occurs in these moments, I can help you be more prepared for future occasions.

Invites can come last minute. So what can you do to get yourself dinner suit ready?

Check your dinner suit as soon as you get the invite and try it on. Does it fit, does it look like a suit from the Adams family or is it ok?
If not, book to hire one straight away. Trouser hems may need to be taken up and on busy days, this can be tricky. Try and get in 2-3 days before
Buy a fresh, new black tie ready to wear suit with generous seam allowance, so that it adjusts accordingly to your changing weight
Don’t have a white dinner shirt? A double cuffed, white shirt is completely acceptable
Make sure your shoes are polished and you’re good to go!
Here are some other choices for you to consider:

We offer two choices of black, ready to wear dinner suits with a notch and shawl lapels for £795, including alterations.
Our made to measure dinner suits start from £950
See you soon,


PS: My customer made it to his Oxford reunion and was super happy he got there in the end.

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