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5 of the most iconic & stylish films

Films offer us huge insight into the style of the era that a film is set. From toned down to flamboyant, clothes truly reflect the characters, the time and the feel of a film. Here we discuss 5 films that show a variety of styles that have become iconic in their own right and how they’re portrayed.


American psycho

American psycho is a 2000 satirical psychological horror film. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, an investment banker with extreme OCD, which is made immediately clear from the almost clinical tidiness of his apartment, to what he eats through to his immaculate, obsessive wardrobe. What you’ll notice on close inspection is his OCD represented in the way Bateman dresses. Even when in murder mode he can be seen wearing a crisp, almost stylish, tailored opaque rain mac. Murdering attire aside, you’ll note his initials on his shirt cuffs, his tie is tied impeccably and nothing is ever out of place. He’s well-groomed and sleek at all times which reflects his rigid, narcissistic and let’s not forget- Psychotic character.

This film epitomises the Wall Street era of the 00’s and here would be your go to wardrobe: 

  • Navy pin stripe
  • Hermes style patterned tie or striped
  • Blue shirt with a white collar
  • Colourful braces
  • Sunglasses
  • Overcoat
  • Cigarette

Business Navy part suit AW Bespoke accessories31081

The business navy suit

The Talented Mr Ripley

The Talented Mr Ripley is an American psychological thriller. This film captures wealth, fantastical or not, deception, lust and style. This is everything you could want from a super stylish, Summer inspired film and has become iconic in its own right. Made twenty years ago but still relevant when it comes to Mens style today. The style is a distinct blend of an American and Italian style.

As explained by Ann Roth, the costume designer for the film: The ’50s were, for the most part, very dull visually,” Roth told Live Design in 2000. “In the ’40s, we had the restrictions of the war and limited fabric. After the war, Dior came with the New Look and that was very interesting, with the use of more fabric, the bigness of men’s clothes, the double-breasted jackets. When we went into the ’50s, there was this aspiration to look like a solid citizen… Then, the jet-set thing started to happen — Italians, the RivieraBrigitte Bardot and the Mambo Kings… There was a certain air about town, which had to do with Marlon Brando and Anna Magnani, and dancing all night. And I was right there.”

If you want to look like you’ve walked off of the set of this stylish film, you’ll need:

  • Striped Princeton jacket
  • Cord jacket
  • Tailored chino shorts
  • The Italian styled knitted polo
  • Linen jacket
  • Linen trousers

The weekend polo short sleeve top

The Kingsman

Without a doubt this is one of  the most stylish modern films and has given Savile Row a cool, stylish edge that adds to its already existing desirability. This film is like a Tailors dream, showcasing all of the tailored classics.

The original Kingsman movie is about a spy network whose cover is a high-class London tailor’s shop, cue immaculately tailored gents… Colin Firth plays the perfect, tailored British gent in this film.

To look like a character from the Kingsman, you’ll need:

  • Orange, velvet smoking jacket
  • Double breasted pinstripe suit
  • Overcoat
  • Tweed suit
  • Silk ties
  • Cane
  • Black rimmed glasses

The Classic Hef Burgandy AW Bespoke accessories31165

The Modern Hef

Rebel without a cause

Rebel without a cause is a 1955 American drama film about emotionally confused suburbanmiddle-class teenagers.

Starring James Dean, the ultimate style icon of his time and still today. His wardrobe is effortlessly simple adorning mainly 4 items of the most classic but iconic pieces of clothing and  don’t forget a cigarette hanging from his mouth for the ultimate ‘couldn’t give a &*%’ image. James Dean was in his twenties at the time, but Men over and above this age have been seen to wear this style with success.

  • The red bomber jacket
  • Jeans (With turn ups)
  • White T-Shirt
  • Sunglasses

Sanfrancisco Bright Blue Jean AW Bespoke accessories30919 2

San Francisco jeans 

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald set in 1922 in Long Island in a fictional town called West Egg. Think super sleek hair, classy tailoring and pocket watches in a 1920’s setting and you’ve got a cluster of people who take style very seriously. Every detail is accounted for; the cane, the button down collar, tie and pocket square.

  • Dinner suit
  • Pink linen pin stripe suit
  • Cream suit
  • Blue shirt with white, penny collar
  • Three piece suit
  • Pocket watches
  • Tie
  • Pocket square
  • Button down collared shirts
  • Wool herringbone jacket and waistcoat

Wimbleden Cream AW Bespoke accessories31119 1

The Wimbledon sports jacket 

accessories material

Pure silk pocket squares

We talk a lot about how Men’s clothes reflect their personalities and how strongly clothes are used to reflect a character in a film. The same goes for everyday life. So what are your clothes saying about you?

We can help by designing you clothing that represents who you are and how you want to show up. Contact us here.

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