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Your Savile Row questions answered

The misconceptions of Savile Row Tailoring: Your questions answered

Your Savile Row questions answered Alexandra Wood

I asked a number of you about your view of Savile Row. I have to say that after all these years, I am still amazed to hear that while you find the thought appealing, you also find it equally terrifying and even confusing.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with luxury. The crunchy tissue paper, the smell of a shop and the twinkly music. My grandparents would take me to amazing restaurants, the opera and beautiful shops. I loved one part of it, but not the other, which was the snooty sales staff or deathly silence as you walked around a shop.

This is why I have spent 11 years working on making the customer experience fun, with a real care to attention and connecting with people. Otherwise what is the point! I’m sure most would say that they’d go to a great restaurant for the attentive, enthusiastic and fun staff, over amazing food, with waiters who couldn’t care less, and the same applies to tailoring.

Here I answer the most asked questions and help those that think of it as off putting; as more fun than you may think.

I’m not a millionaire, won’t they laugh me out of the store?

Absolutely not. With options of made to measure and bespoke, this offers a variety of price points. Made to measure tailoring usually starts around £895 and you have a wide selection of fabrics on offer for this price. If you want more luxurious fabrics, then naturally the price increases. For a really amazing suit, in a luxury cloth the price would be more likely to be between £1,200-£1,500 but if you’re clear on your price range, then you’ll be advised accordingly. For bespoke, prices range from £3,000+

I don’t know what I’d look good in, I don’t want to sound silly!

A good place to start is by looking at other men’s style of a similar age, colouring and build to you. This helps you to visualise what might look good on you and establish what looks you like.

On the other hand, your tailor should know exactly how to dress you. We ask our own personally, curated questions, so that we get to understand you; how you like to look and feel in your clothes. We then look at your skin tone, body shape and lifestyle to create a design that will hide your flaws and accentuate your assets.

I’m a bit over weight and self conscious of my belly, I think I need to lose weight first…

This is definitely a misconception. This is saying that only slim people can wear great clothes and I completely disagree. A good tailor should know exactly how to hide your imperfections and balance them out. There are tricks of the trade. I would have to kill you if I told you them though 😉

I have no style, I’m completely clueless. Don’t I need to know what I want first?

No. A tailor should know their stuff. Having made so many clothes for so many people, they should be able to offer you great advice on colours for your skin tone, the best fit for you and the most flattering designs.

I’m a typical man and have left it to the last minute. How long does a made to measure suit take to make?

Made to measure suits take between 6-8 weeks including your first and final fitting. You can usually take it away after 8 weeks. If you have left it last minute, an express option is available but does cost an additional £500. So it’s well worth being organised.

I’ve got hardly any time to eat lunch, let alone have an hour appointment!

I always say if you can, make the time to have a proper appointment with your tailor: Phones off, bubbles in glass and completely enjoy the experience then you’ll fair far better in the future as we’ll have all of your measurements on file and every amendment is updated, so you can simply order anything you like, plus we can also make regular suggestions to you based on your lifestyle and seasons.

If I go online or into a shop, it’s all ready there and then. 6-8 weeks sounds long!
Surely, it’s cheaper and quicker to buy off the peg?

Not always. You don’t have choice of:

-Unique design. You get to have your own, personalised creation
-Fabric. We have thousands of fabrics to choose from, all of which are the highest quality available
-Fit & Configurations: This is how it fits your body and no one else’s.

Alteration costs are the main thing to consider when buying off the peg. You may buy it in a hurry and it not be as perfect as you’d like. Plus, alterations on top of a normal suit or designer one, all adds up and you may just find that buying made to measure was a better option after all…
We also have ready to wear suits on offer online and in store from £595 which are made from pure wool and we can shape your suit to perfection in store. Plus, if you really are in a rush, we can usually do alterations in one day!

See you soon,

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