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How to dress when working from home


2020 was the year that defined 'working from home' and for many it will set to continue. As it was thrown upon us so abruptly, many headed straight for the tracksuit department of their wardrobe, which for many equally meant 'sleepwear'.

So what is the perfect balance of keeping your smart, business image intact whilst still feeling suitably comfortable you ask.

Working from home needn't have as much of an impact on your style as you may think. Ok, so you may not quite feel like dressing to the nines in a suit only to be sat in your office or dining table. However, it is proven that the way we dress determines and sets the tone for how we show up (mentally) to work. Much like a routine that sets us off in the right direction, clothing does much the same.

Comfort is key to your style success, as the more comfortable it is, the more you'll feel compelled to wear it.