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Made to measure

Your Savile Row questions answered

The misconceptions of Savile Row Tailoring: Your questions answered I asked a number of you about your view of Savile Row. I have to say that after all these years, I am still amazed to hear that while you find the thought appealing, you also

The difference between made to measure and bespoke

What is the difference between Bespoke and made to measure? Knowing your Bespoke from your Made to Measure is the challenge for today gentlemen! Bespoke seems to be everywhere and (shudder), used interchangeably with ‘made to measure’. But, here at Alexandra Wood Bespoke, we’re clear

Savile row terminology you never knew existed

Savile Row is held in high regard when it comes to the world of Tailoring. The best cutters and tailors start their apprenticeships here and can stay for life. In their time, they will learn a myriad of terminology, ones which you may never have

How to become an expert in tailoring

After over 20 years in tailoring, I started to look back on how much I’ve learned and have evolved. I write about what it takes to become an expert in tailoring... Becoming an expert doesn’t happen over night. It takes years. You can know a

Half canvas vs full canvas suits

What's the difference? We are fully aware that the land of made to measure tailoring has become more and more confusing. So we've made a clear guide for you to clear up the differences so you can be confident in the choices you’re making. WHAT

Made to Measure

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