When to order your made to measure wedding suit 2021

Congratulations! You’re getting married. If you're you considering having a made to measure wedding suit tailored exclusively for you? Then timing is everything. Here’s our timeline for you to consider when ordering

4/5 Months prior to your wedding day

Research tailors - Book your appointment

The best way to choose your tailor is by looking at their work and deciding if their style matches yours, that you’ll be guided and be given the best advice. Also, just as important - will this be an experience you’ll enjoy?

  • It’s important to have a good rapport with your tailor as you will be seeing them a few times in the coming months, and you’ll want to be relying on them to make you look perfect in your brand new, tailored suit.
  • Look at websites and social channels to get a feel of the tailor you want to work with.
  • Finally, make sure that the tailors pricing matches your expectations.

3 Months prior to your wedding day

The Appointment - Enjoy the creative process

  • Once you’ve chosen who you’ll work with, it’s time for the exciting part – creating your perfectly tailored, wedding suit.
  • It’s great to have an idea of what you’d like to wear, but it's not essential. Your tailor should help to guide you and help you decide what suit style will work best for the style of your wedding day. However, do have a chat with your bride to discuss what her expectations are too.
  • You might have it firmly set in your mind that you’ll be wearing a classic blue suit and leave choosing a dinner suit. An open mind is always good. What a tailor will need to know is where you’re getting married, time of year and the style of your wedding.

1.5 Months prior to your wedding day

Fitting Time – It’s time to try on your suit for the first time

  • 6-8 weeks after your first tailoring appointment you’ll be fitted for your bespoke wedding suit. On this day you should bring with you; the shoes you’ll be wearing on your wedding day or a pair similar and a shirt (If you’ve not had one tailor made)
  • This way you will be able to picture your entire look and to see what accessories would work well. Your tailor will help you to style your suit to ensure you’re looking your best.
  • This will also be the time the tailor makes any changes. Fine tuning is usually always necessary on all suits and are turned around within two weeks.

1 Month prior to your wedding day

Finishing Touches – Your final try on

  • Your tailored wedding suit is ready and now it’s time to piece everything together. You will try on your suit for the final time along with your shirt, accessories and chosen shoes (Not forgetting socks)
    All being well, you will then take away your suit all pressed and hung and ready for your special day.


2 Weeks prior to your wedding day

Final Touches - Grooming

  • This is the ideal time to get your haircut, have a facial and to make sure you’re looking your best.
  • Having your grooming done too soon before your wedding day can leave little room for growing it back a little if they’ve gone too short, or a pimple creeping up too shortly after a facial….


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