The top wedding suit trends for 2018

Whatever you’re looking for, there is something to suit (excuse the pun) every man on his wedding day.

dinner suit

Do you want to appear fashion forward wearing a block colour of pale pink, simply timeless in royal blue or like the sound of the 007 style in a black tux? Read on for our wedding suit guide for this season:


Appearing to be most popular is statement check with men opting for a three-piece suit. If you’d rather not stand out in full blown check, try a check waistcoat with contrasting jacket and trousers. A three-piece-suit is also one of the trends this year; why go for less when you can go for more. Mix and match is more popular than it ever has been. There are hundreds of tweeds to choose from with a variety of weights, so it doesn’t always mean super heavy so that you’re sweating your bits off!


On the subject of contrast if you’re having your wedding in the autumn, a trend for this time of year is a light jacket with darker contrasting trousers. Tweed is alternatively a go to look for 2018, particularly in the autumn months. Tweed is great if you want to appear more casual while still looking sophisticated. If the bells are ringing for you in the summer then opt for a lighter cloth such as a linen mix which matches accordingly with this season. We say mix because linen can look like you’ve just made it from the stag doo! With a mix of linen/silk/wool or cotton this resists the creasing and leaves you looking cool but sharp.


When it comes to colour for 2018, light shades of pink, green, blue, lilac and cappuccino are all the rage. If you’re feeling more daring; bright blue, burgundy and deep purple are popular choices. Otherwise for the colour-phobes, royal blue or a black tux are trendy alternatives.

Colour really is making waves in the men’s fashion world and we do love it but if you’re thinking of wearing the suit again for more classic events thereafter, you may want to opt for the latter.


The style for 2018 is slim fit, so don’t be afraid to show off your physique. If you’re generally quite slim then opt for this look and embrace it. Ultimately you’ll feel and exude confidence from the quality and execution of the suit. If you’re slightly larger, darker colours are always going to work more in your favour, but that’s not to say that colour is your enemy, just opt for a slightly less slim look.

We tend to advise for classic width lapels, which is around 3 1/4” wide, whether it be a notch or peak lapel.

Whatever style you choose, this years all about really making it your own with colour, personality and style. Need more guidance, please contact us. We’re always happy to inspire!