Why i'm not a fan of Digital Tailors - a word from Alexandra

Algorithms are on the rise. Asking a real person for their professional opinion has been changed to a robot telling you what to do instead… and this for me is dangerous.

Yes, they may be able to work out what colours work for your skin tone based on your writing that you have luscious olive skin, but then who’s to say what their version of that is? How do they know about the kind of person you are; if you’re a cool understated kind of man, or completely wild and love more splashes of colour than Jackson Pollock…

I’ve been contacted by a number of companies and had suggestions from people saying that I really should get a digital scanner for measurements. The irony here is that I was told by a new customer recently that a tailor did this for them, it then didn’t work, and they had to get their tape out! What a pointless waste of time and in actual fact, most of our customers like an educational, swift and professional service, not feeling like they’re going for an MRI scan.

When customers say to us “Oh wow! That was painless” and “that was fun!” I think that’s exactly what it should be like. Finding out what you look really great in, having it fit and not having to trawl round hundreds of shops is actually very refreshing.

Made to measure tailoring should be about the experience; if you take the time to spend just one hour telling a tailor how you like to feel in your clothes, how you like them to fit, and how you want others to perceive you, they can really get to know you and offer ideas by looking at you and who you are as a person. My regular customer came to see me yesterday and said, “this is why I see you because I know you’ll choose the right colours for me and steer me in the right direction.” I simply said, “I’m listening to the words you’re saying and the purpose you want these suits for, yet you’re choosing fabrics that don’t fit the criteria.” Sometimes, we’re drawn to things we really love but they are completely impractical, that’s when a real person can be a great help.

Once you’ve had your consultation, yes, you’ll have to come back for fittings, but a maximum of two more will be all that is needed for made to measure and those take around 15 minutes. Compare that to hours of trawling around shops and it’s really rather minimal. What’s more, you’ll have your entire profile written down, so if you’re off to a friend’s wedding or going to Wimbledon, a real human (i.e. us) can help tell you exactly what you need and are excited to do so.

I can completely understand why digital tailoring may be enticing. You think “I’ll just add my measurements onto a website, that should only take a few minutes…'” It then only takes a few questions that you’re not too sure about and you end up having to ask someone to help you with a measuring tape, by that point, it’s become far more frustrating than it should have been.

Meanwhile, your friend James who has seen us, has had his whole wardrobe sorted and is waiting for you at the bar with a Martini, shaken, not stirred. Which is more than he can say for his frazzled friend!

If you’re intrigued by how amazing you could look with the help of a real human, we’re always delighted to take you under our wing. Simply contact us for more information.

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