Mens Trends Spring Summer 2021

Trends come and go each season but how much attention do you pay to them?


We know you're not the type of man to buy a copy of GQ and purchase every piece suggested and like to add your own personal flair to your style. Inspiration may be taken, but no more. To be honest, the trends that arise season after season can be pretty outlandish and not the style we would wish for our you to choose. We do however believe there's something for everyone and that adaptations can be made. So, we take the wild and the wacky and then modify them for your more useable and wearable consumption. Afterall, the problem with trends, is they are just that, so the more timeless a piece is, (with your own twist added in) - The better.

We take a look at the trends that are being suggested for 2021 and offer our alternate view on how you can make them work for you.

New Utility

Basically, safari chic and pockets a plenty. This trend has actually reared its odd head up a fair few times over a number of seasons. Perhaps, because pockets are actually pretty useful and saves you from carrying an unsightly man bag...

As we always believe less is more, we would suggest an alternative which would be to have a practical outdoors, practical jacket made. Something water proof and sturdy. The styles of jackets that the trends recommend mean light weight fabrics which will mean saggy pockets where the outline of your car keys will be seen a mile off. Style = Zero. Practicality = Not that practical! With pockets the fabric needs to be heavier in order to keep a clean look that will be durable.


Stripes always seem to have their place on the catwalks some way or another yet they can be quite a bold statement. Therefore, you can opt for a more subtle option, like our 

The Bomber Jacket

Think James Dean in Rebel without a cause and you can easily visualise what this years Spring style statement will be. Albeit, not bright red... We are however excited about this one as we have our own, exclusive design being released March 2021 in a variety of colours, yet more tailored and more stylish than the more standard, shapeless styles. They offer a perfectly neat way to add a bit of effortless cool to your outfit and work as well with a fitted Tshirt as it does with a lightweight or chunky sweater.

Wide trousers

Try as we may, we can't seem to muster up an alternative to these other than to wear as you do - Slim, yet not overly so, and slightly tapered. One of the best ways to show off your legs, is to show you have some and the less fabric flapping about - The better! This gets a nul point from us, sorry!

Trench coats

This can go one way or the other. Too long and roomy and you can look a little creepy, fitted and stylish and you can carry this rather well. We here at AW do like to strip any 'clunkiness' down, so removing the belt for us would be the first thing to go. The belt is used to cinch the waist, which with an immaculately tailored coat should not be necessary. We'd love to see this design in an alternative fabric and in subtly textured colours.

Bold Bermuda shorts

Big, baggy and bold is like re-watching a scene out of The Young Ones. Put simply; it's not pretty! What shorts should be is tailored and classy. Yet, it seems to go wrong year after year. Not anymore, we have our own range coming out in time to leash your pins to the great wide open and please- Never pair with socks and scandals, I mean sandals! Shorts should finish just above the knee or mid thigh if you have a particularly fetching pair of legs...

Statement Shirts

We're always fans of the statement shirts. Menswear is for the most part fairly conservative, so the odd floral or patterned shirt is welcomed in our book. It's a chance to have some fun and add personality to your style. The statement shirt is an extension or modernisation of The Hawaiin shirt which has always been deemed as 'The Clown of the man's wardrobe. You can read more about that here..

Top shirt tip: For a smart statement shirt we always recommend tucking it in and if you're wearing with shorts, then you can leave it out. Why not shop our full collection here.

Pretty in Pastels

The trend for pastels raises its head every now and then and can be very tricky to wear without looking like a giant prawn in pink. There are ways to make it work though. 

Fresh Florals

Where florals can all sound a little feminine, we're talking about more of a masculine, structured and tailored type of floral. 

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