7 reasons your tailor’s not making you look good as you could

There are more components to a made to measure suit than you may originally think. It is and should be more than a suit that simply fits. We discuss why some tailors can leave you short changed.



You’re the customer and the customers always right, right? Wrong, well, in some respects. Some tailors do simply make from customer requests. There are tailors who simply cut, and there are those that do both; design for you and cut. It’s all about choosing which you’d prefer. If you have a clearly defined sense of style and you know exactly what looks good on you, then a tailor who will simply follows your request will be a good choice for you. If you, on the other hand have no idea and want clear guidance, because quite frankly you’ve got your day job and don’t quite fancy another, then choose a tailor who can also design for you. We work with you whilst guiding and offering ideas that we know will make you look 100x better! Which would you prefer?

Headteacher of Eltham college, Guy Sanderson said: 

''Alexandra has gently (and correctly!) persuaded me out of my former choice of dull, but safe, grey suits into much more appropriate colours. I would never have bought anything in bright blue before and certainly not in burnt orange, but both get endless compliments when I wear them.'' 

2- They’re not challenging you to look better

There are a number of options available to you that you’re likely not aware of.  For starters, there are hundreds of mixes of fabrics, each with their own unique qualities that can work perfectly for one person and not for another. This relevant guidance is key to ensuring you’re happy. While understandably you can’t discuss for 5 hours every minor details, the questions you’re asked originally are what enables us as your tailor to make the best decisions.

3- They’re being a little lazy

They want you to order and get on with it. You know you want a navy suit, you’re happy, they’re happy say no more. We challenge your ideas (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean an arm wrestle over the table) it means that if we think you could look better, we’ll tell you because we know you’ll thank us for it in the end. If we always choose what we’ve always had, we’ll get what we always have. 

4- They’re not listening.

You’ve said you’d like your suit to fit certain occasions, that you like to be able to access your pockets inside easily, you like shape but wish to be able to breathe yet they’re intent on designing you something they want to see you in. It’s your suit, your experience and that’s all that should count. Important questions need to be asked from where you’re intending to wear your suit/items, how you like to look and feeling a suit and what’s important to you? This may be that it’s hard wearing, that you travel so it has to fit into your suitcase without looking like a crumpled heap the other end. Whatever your preference, we listen and have you covered.

5- They’re missing the details.

You’ve decided upon your suit but then you’ve not been asked if you want natural horn buttons or buffalo, your name inscribed inside and have no idea of the options available to you.

6- They’re not helping you to understand your choices.

You’ve assumed that made to measure is the best option for you but it may be that bespoke is far more suited to you (Pardon the pun) or a full canvas. It’s important to meet your expectations and be clear with what will ultimately make you look your best.

7- Having a suit made for you is an investment.

It should be made from a high quality cloth, cut to flatter you, in a colour, style and design that elevates your image. It’s also an experience to enjoy, so having fun is a great added bonus.

If you relish the idea of being guided through our made to measure process, simply book your complimentary consultation with us here.

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