The best Christmas gifts for men 2021 from Savile Row

We understand that mens aren’t always easy to buy Christmas gifts for. Fear not, as our luxury Christmas gifts for men offer you the perfect solution this year.

Why is it so hard to buy men gifts?

A lot of men buy their own presents or at least buy the things they want and need throughout the year, so when it comes to Christmas, they’re all sorted. It’s a phenomenon we find both humorous and frustrating here at Alexandra Wood. Instead of giving us a list to work through, they trundle off and buy it themselves. Another problem is that when it comes to a certain point in life (Generally 40+) most men have all they need, which can be a little troublesome for us ladies wishing to treat the man in our life.

How to buy gifts from a man’s perspective

Men like gadgets, things that they can work out. This leads us to watches, Garmins, tools for their cars or bikes etc

A helpful way to think about what to buy him is to look at where he spends most of his time, besides work that is. What sport or activity does he love most?

Then take a look at magazines or blogs that offer gift ideas within this topic.

How to find out what a man would like for Christmas

Where this may feel a little cunning, it may well help you in the long run. If he loves cycling, start asking questions about what he needs when he goes out on his bike, what he’s bought recently. He may be delighted that you’ve taken such a keen interest in his hobbies all of a sudden, but it will help you with your list.

Men don’t like gifts like women do

Lets face it, us ladies are easy to buy for from perfumes, handbags, clothes, new flowers for the garden, a night out at a fancy restaurant, they can’t go too wrong. However, the rules don’t seem to apply to men. With keen, narrower interests, they see no point in having ‘things’ just for the sake of it. Therefore, we need to plan and really wow them with really finding out about what’s missing or upgrading something they have already which will earn you some serious brownie points.

Simple ideas for Christmas gifts

These gift ideas will be the easiest to choose, as you know they will fit and if there’s a problem with the colour – he can simply change it.


Buying accessories for men can keep the gift nice and simple.

Scarves – Perfect for adding a pop of colour to his wardrobe and an ideal way to keep him warm in the Winter and there’s no fear of it not fitting.

Pocket squares – Ideal to add a pop of colour to his wardrobe and always look nice in a gift box. Check out his current collection for inspiration as to what he usually likes from a pocket square. 

Pocket squares are considered a piece of art in a mans wardrobe, just a nice sneaky little surprise in your pocket. The full design isnt often seen, but they know its there which makes it more exciting.

Shirts- Men don’t tend to buy clothes themselves that often, unless their fans of dressing well. Buying a ready to wear or made to measure shirt that he looks great in is a win win, as when you go out together, you look great too!

Always choose pure cottons, that feel smooth and look great too. Natural fabrics breathe far better than any synthetic mixes, so where it may be appealing to opt for a non-iron choice, these often contain fabrics that trap heat leaving men very hot!

Ties- We’re not talking the Christmas novelty types, but if your man is someone who loves stunning ties then there are many options to choose from that will leave him suitably stylish this Christmas.

Even though a lot of men arent wearing ties for work, they are choosing to wear them more decoratively with sports jackets or more casual suit options.


If he’s ever expressed going to The Goodwood revival or Henley, you could buy him a ticket and treat him to a special day out. This can be a great alternative to a gift that you may run the risk of him not liking.

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