Tim Wilcox case study

Bespoke designer and tailor Alexandra Wood helps men to transform their image with tailored clothing, in a way that’s fun & enjoyable.

Here BBC Reporter Tim Wilcox shared his tailoring story and how he found working with me.

Why did you choose Alexandra Wood for your tailoring? 

Heard of you by word of mouth after I commented on a friend’s suit.

How long have you used Alexandra Wood for?

I’ve known Alexandra for just over a year.

What does looking great to you mean?

I came to you Alexandra for a crisp, stylish tailoring which offered me bespoke suits with a twist.

Whats important to you with regards to your image?

The image I want to project is formal, but relaxed, with a smart subtle modernity.

What do you feel makes Alexandra Wood different?

I liked the range of fabrics you were able to show me, the colours and the different styles that allowed me to have some fun with workplace outfits and an overcoat that I could never have found on the high street.

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