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Discovering how incredible you can look in tailored clothing is impactful and transformative. An element of our lives that isn't always listed as a top priority, but should be, Alexandra's intuitively visualises just how 'more' you can look in clothing that is bespoke to you.

It is your personal brand, which, when done correctly, can be incredibly powerful to both your internal and external state.

“I can see someone in front of me and an instant visual image and style pops into my mind. I can see how incredible they could look with the right colours, cut, fit, style and design. It’s inexplicable to the person, yet when they trust me and see this vision materialise, that’s when they start to understand how I think, and become excited by it.” Alexandra Wood

Renowned for doing tailoring differently, Alexandra Wood is at once designer, tailor and stylist. Rather than merely replicating what a customer thinks they want, she expertly steers them towards braver, sharper and more colourful sartorial choices that turn heads for all the right reasons.

“She correctly guided me towards more colour, and I’ve been complimented on my new found style a number of times.” Guy Sanderson, Head teacher, Eltham College

One of Savile Row’s first female tailors exclusively designing for men, Alexandra Wood has been described as a ‘tailor of the 21st century” by GQ and named one of the best Savile Row tailors of 2020 by Esquire. The editor of The New Statesman said: “I trust her implicitly. She just gets it. She has a natural eye for the style and skill of a tailor.’’ 

From a one-off piece to a full, bespoke wardrobe, scoping all areas of your life, and style, Alexandra intuitively creates men an individual collection like no other. Classic casuals and bespoke leather jackets, sit comfortably alongside sleek, sharp business suits and beautiful winter coats.  

Creating a personalised profile, Alexandra helps you see where you should invest to make the most of your wardrobe in a way that will ensure you enjoy wearing all of it, and always know exactly how to style it.


Alexandra creates you a personally designed, luxury wardrobe which combines skilled craftmanship with modern, elegant and timeless style.  Your new, unique clothing collection will be handcrafted to cater to your lifestyle and needs, with a curated colour palette that will ignite your skin tone, a fit that will give Bond a run for his money and a new image that will have you set for every occasion in life. Alexandra works with you to recommend designs and the finest fabrics to elevate you and your status, leaving you with an enviable wardrobe.

If you think about the year in fashion terms, we talk about the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. Socially, the year is built around the social calendar. Goodwood, The Derby, Henley, Wimbledon. When you have the right clothes, that fit you perfectly you’ll not only be comfortable wherever you go but you’ll look the part too.

The Iconic wardrobe then is your personal collection of key pieces that means you can quickly and easily look amazing for any occasion. Not only that but mixing and matching will mean that you never look the same twice. We know what it is that appeals to the ladies – because what they buy from us for the men in their lives is subtly different to what men buy for themselves. Don’t worry, we’ve made careful notes! 

Comfortably masculine, with a feminine touch, is the look of a successful man, confident in himself and in his prime. A blend of our customers likes, what their ladies buy for them and what Alexandra designs.

‘’She has a keen eye for style and design and she dresses me appropriately for my age. I appreciate that!’’ Jason Cowley, Editor, New Statesman

‘’Tailor of the 21st Century’’ Tony Parsons, GQ Columnist, Journalist & Best-selling author.


Alexandra helps to create you your own iconic style. Not one that’s been taken from a men’s style magazine, but one that’s designed exclusively for you and your sartorial needs. 

Looking exceptional just became both stress free and painless with our exclusive, bespoke wardrobe service. Alexandra has an intuitive understanding of what you need and can swiftly identify each piece you will need in your sartorial armour, understanding that you want to look great without any of your valuable time wasted. That’s why all is taken care of from the design, tailoring through to styling each piece for you. There’ll be no tedious multiple fitting room changes or endless decisions to make; just one simple set of measurements and a range of clothing designed and created exclusively for you by our team of style experts. When complete, your wardrobe will be delivered, pressed and hung ready for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re going to a board meeting or to a special lunch with your wife, you will always be well prepared and polished, with a range of suitable options that not only fit, but leave you turning heads wherever you go.


Starting with a one-to-one consultation at one of our showrooms or at your home, all it takes is 3 simple steps to have your exclusively, personalised wardrobe ready for you to put into action:

  1. One set of measures is all we need to get you walking differently and stepping into clothes that only make you look exceptional.
  2. Alexandra will determine what colours, styles and styling suits you, so you don’t even need to think about it. We make the suggestions and you choose what you’d like to order. It also makes future re-ordering simple.
  3. 10-12 weeks later your new tailored wardrobe will be fitted to you, tweaked and returned pressed and ready to hang in your wardrobe, on the correct hanger made from a pure, natural wood.


Simply schedule your call with one of our style co-ordinators who will ask you a simple set of question to best understand your needs. Your private bespoke tailoring consultation will then be scheduled at a date and time most convenient to you. We welcome you to step into the fine and stylish world of Alexandra Wood.

The business wardrobe

We take you from boardroom to the business lounge and create you your own personal collection of bespoke business suits, tailored shirts and bespoke accessories so that you turn up looking as successful as you are. 

The Smart/casual wardrobe 

We take you from a less formal business meeting to lunch with your wife and create you a successful bespoke tailored smart/casual wardrobe which will leave you with a perfectly, well thought out collection of wardrobe options for all occasions. 

The sporting wardrobe

From Plus three's to your annual trip to Goodwood or Wimbledon we can create you an aspirational bespoke collection that is tailored to ensure you’re looking your finest wherever the occasion. 

The Formal wardrobe

From black tie to Glyndebourne, we ensure your tailored formal wear sets you apart and ensures you’re ticking all of the etiquette boxes.

At Alexandra Wood our design and bespoke tailoring capabilities are limitless, so there will be suggestions made that defy the usual conventions of tailoring. Alexandra will discuss these with you at your meeting. 

You can read about our other clients successful style inspiration here or if you're ready to take action, then so are we. Contact us here.
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