Bespoke style report

discover effortless style

Experience a world where style meets simplicity – without the need for a team of celebrity stylists. Dressing will quickly become uncomplicated and accessible. With Alexandra Wood, uncover the art of looking immaculate without the usual conundrum of fashion mismatches and faux pas. Our goal? For you to enjoy choosing an outfit every day and understand exactly what does and doesn't suit you; with our bespoke style report you’ll have a true understanding of what colours, styles, cuts and designs to wear which will make investing in your wardrobe fun, enjoyable and will pay you back in dividends. Start each day with an empowered step.


Navigating through a sea of similar-looking suits and trends can be overwhelming, especially when time isn't on your side. We've helped numerous accomplished men, much like yourself, who have been presented with the same monotonous navy suit time and time again and instead, imagine stepping out with the charisma of Beckham, the charm of Goldblum, or the allure of Clooney. Remember, even they weren't always the icons they are today. The secret? Their entourage of top stylists, barbers, and designers ensuring their unparalleled elegance. With us, achieving that polished look, authentically yours, doesn't have to be a herculean task. Our legacy includes elevating countless distinguished men, orchestrating red carpet transformations, and even earning our clients spots on GQ's coveted best-dressed list.

The Bespoke Style Report Process



This will be a fun, convenient hour-long online session tailored to your schedule. Ahead of our meet, a short questionnaire ensures your session is custom-crafted to address your unique style aspirations.



Within your session, we'll discern your skin tone and body structure. Coupled with insights about your lifestyle, preferences, and objectives, which helps mould your tailored wardrobe style strategy.



Your bespoke style report will offer you a blend of textual and visual guidelines, where you will have clarity on which colours, patterns, and designs resonate with your persona.


Start looking effortlessly stylish after just one hour with our fun, expert team. A session cost £325 and is redeemable against your first purchase should you choose to invest in our tailoring.

(Complimentary to a select number of members clubs)