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"A well-made suit should make an impact. People should instantly notice the difference and the wearer should feel like they have their own little piece of luxury. I can't see the point otherwise…"

Alexandra Wood makes stylish bespoke suits that will make you look sharper, fresher and slimmer. Not only that, but every suit is constructed to last, as well as flatter.


Our signature style is a slim-cut suit that is curved into the waist and back, with slender trousers and a strong shoulder line, exuding elegance and quality. You can expect a classic and timeless suit, with a fashionable edge.


Either at our London showroom on Savile Row or wherever’s convenient for you, Alexandra begins the process with a full style review, to fully understand what you wish to achieve. She will build a personal profile, advising you on style, shape and colours. Over 20 measurements, configurations and detailed notes are taken to ensure the perfect fit.






"Bespoke" in the strictest sense means a suit made from scratch, using paper patterns cut specifically for you. No modified pattern blocks are involved at all. Alexandra can sketch and create any design of suit you wish, so if you wanted lapels like zig-zags, you've got it.


You can expect to have a basted fitting. This is where the suit is half-made by our UK workshops, then a wide variety of modifications are made from here onwards, fine-tuning your suit to perfection. This is why you will have many more fittings than with made-to-measure – up to five in some cases. You will see lots of exposed stitching and will be able to see first-hand what interfacing will be inside your jacket.

Our prices start from £2,800




This generally means slightly modified from pattern blocks. However, a generic company would take a 40" chest block then lengthen sleeves, jacket length… and not much else. At Alexandra Wood, made-to-measure differs in that we can modify literally everything, from shoulder width to sleeve pitching.



This makes it as close to bespoke as possible, bar the basted fittings and the fusing. Needless to say, knowing how to create the right made-to-measure suit with all these modifications takes skill and knowledge; it isn’t something done by simply handing someone a measuring tape.

With half canvas prices from £895

With full, free floating canvas from £1,100




Alexandra Wood - Bespoke made-to-measure business suits Alexandra Wood - Bespoke made-to-measure tailored wedding suits


You know how important it is to make the right impression in the workplace. So don’t let yourself down with a generic two-piece – come to Alexandra Wood and we’ll set you on your way to that corner office



Don’t assume that everyone will only be interested in your bride’s dress – you need to put just as much effort into your three-piece. As You & Your Wedding’s Best Groomswear Retailer, why look anywhere other than Alexandra Wood?


Alexandra Wood - Bespoke suits and tailored overcoats
Alexandra Wood - Made-to-measure tailored sports wear


So you’ve invested in the bespoke suit of a lifetime, and you’re looking sharper than ever. Would you now throw over that shapeless thing you’ve had since your first job interview? Allow Alexandra Wood to create a coat that complements



We’re living in a golden era of the sports jacket – an instant means of dressing up a pair of jeans, or dressing down a tie. Whether it’s tweed or wool, with peak or standard-notch lapels, the variety can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help


Alexandra Wood - Bespoke made-to-measure occasion suits
Alexandra Wood - Suit and wedding wear accesories


A unusual yet rigid dress code needn’t restrain your creativity – the opposite, in fact; it could be a rare opportunity to unabashedly “peacock”. Thanks to our access to myriad patterns, fabrics and, of course, Alexandra’s own creativity, you can’t go wrong with us



They say you can always judge a man by his accessories, and we happen to agree. After all, what’s the use of investing in a fine suit if you’re going to spoil it all with your old school tie and a stained pocket square? Trust us, it shows…



“Normally if I have to be measured for a costume I'd rather I was under anaesthetic. Alexandra makes the whole process painless and is calm and full of suggestions throughout. The whole experience was great fun.”
Rory Bremner, Comedian


T: +44 (0)1279 899 616


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